This is a thing now.

As someone who once blogged semi-professionally and now Internets for a living, it’s been pointed out to me that my not having (and having never attempted maintaining) a blog is 50 Shades of Strange.

To which I’m wont to reply I’m better on Twitter – I should be taken in small doses with long hashtags because #IHaveRampantFootInMouthDisease.



Besides, how can I expect anyone to be interested in my little corner of the web when Flawless Goddess Jenny Lawson exists? When gals like Blaire Eadie and Leandra Medine have the best.wardrobes.ever and Katie Quinn Davies has the market cornered on everyone’s favorite subject, food?

Believe me, I’m neither as funny nor as talented, and I think even my snark may be lacking. I don’t travel to exotic places and my dinner generally consists of a cucumber, some greek yogurt and other dull-lady food. I’m sort of a feminist killjoy and I’m a complete music snob. I have an addition to online solitaire, am perpetually starting and giving up some new DIY hobby and Martha Stewart would pass out if she saw the state of my bookshelves.

But I’m self-deprecating and kind of funny sometimes and occasionally I can produce a truly beautiful berry cobbler, so count on food, count on fashion and count on long-winded, très tragique diatribes on Mindy Kaling not being my very best friend.

Love, Your Gal


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