100 Days of What Now?


Scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest lately, I’ve noticed more and more people jumping on the #100DaysOfHappy bandwagon. And I completely applaud them! Snaps for anyone who can commit to being ascetic and serene and yogic for more than three months.

I? Am not one of those people.

Stop me if you’ve heard this old song and dance before, but I am not the kind of girl who can commit to 100 days of clean eating, clean living and posting inspirational little quotes on social media. I mean, suddenly all of my friends are as twee and adorable as the Dalai Lama or Lauren Conrad, posting pastel photos of their quinoa-and-kale-based lunches and their pigeon poses.

(Side note: has everyone stopped sweating? Because I hear “yoga” and think “better invest in a few more of those sweat-wicking tops, lady.”)

Not to sound cynical (or worse, obtuse), but I’m not certain I understand the motivation behind removing all little annoyances in one’s life through diet, exercise and activities more highbrow than watching Midnight in Paris for the 57th time. Me? I like my little annoyances. They’re the coal in my motivation fire. The more annoyed I am, the harder I work.

Is that healthy? Maybe not. But it works for me. And honestly? Without my righteous indignation, I’m sure I’d be 342% less driven. That’s not to say my lovely friends and acquaintances won’t come through this experience full of sparkling energy and wonderful insights, but were I to commit along with them, I’m certain I’d come out the other side as bland as a bowl of plain oatmeal. 

Believe me, for I have read a pile of self-help books, and after about two weeks of moping around like a kid who was jipped by the Tooth Fairy, I always backslide into my personal brand of rapid-fire sarcasm and Margo Channing-type dramatics.

I am not a juice cleanse girl; I am a girl who pronounces green juice terrible and drinks nothing but $8 lemonade for three days.

I am not a barre class girl; I am a sweat and curse through two hours of hot yoga girl.

I am not ascetic, I am not serene and most of my inspiration quotes originate from Beyoncé.

And that’s okay.


Your Gal


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