Winter Is(n’t) Coming

Losing an eBay auction, as told by Game of Thrones GIFs.

When you finally find that dress you’ve been looking for – in your size, squee! – on eBay in “New, with Tags” condition and wonder if your retail luck is suddenly too good to be true.

When you notice that the seller not only has a 99% rating and free shipping, but also that the auction is ending in an hour.

When you picture yourself wearing said dress to your goddaughter’s dedication, and whip out your credit card.

When it looks like your competing bidders are falling behind AND you’re still 30% under your strict self-imposed budget.

When you get the notification you’re being outbid with 10 minutes left in the auction.

When you jack up your bid, because you. will. win. this.

When another bidder appears at the last minute.

When you’re positive you’ve won…but you haven’t.

When this is the only appropriate reaction to losing.

When you realize it was European sizing all along.


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