You Can Pry My Elizabeth & Clarke From My Cold, Dead Hands

But seriously, how gorgeous is this weave?

But seriously, how gorgeous is this weave?

Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post, because I’m not that kind of fancy. In the immortal, bastardized words of a brilliant, make-believe teenager, I’m more fancy in the way ketchup is fancy.

Have you heard of Elizabeth & Clarke? It’s both one of those ideas so simple and so brilliant that you kick yourself on a daily basis you didn’t dream it up. The core concept is that Elizabeth & Clarke cuts out the middleman and produces a few beautiful, high-quality basics each quarter, which its subscribers pre-order.

Basically this is a godsend for me, because I am a fashion magpie – if you dropped me at Sak’s (and gave me an unlimited budget, natch), I’d immediately make a beeline for the completely gorgeous and totally impractical Peter Pilotto graphic prints. It is my dearest desire to own this Mary Katrantzou dress. Er, you know, after world peace and prosperity. The point? I will take a pony-printed shirt over a plain one any day.

But I understand that there just isn’t so much that will pair with a red, green and yellow glen plaid pencil skirt other than a white or black top. Enter Elizabeth & Clarke! I’m personally subscribed to the $60 box, which gets me three beautiful basic tops each month (generally, you can choose from five.) That’s right – $20 per shirt


Brilliant. I mean, I love me some J. Crew, as my credit card company can attest, but I have never slipped on a shirt as silky and comfortable as my E&C Taylor button-down. And my Liz Lemon white tee? My scarves are singing its praises now that people can actually focus on their pretty, pretty prints (seriously, FASHION MAGPIE.)

So if you’re anything like me? And can’t walk out of a store without half a dozen printed shift dresses? Please, please give Elizabeth & Clarke a try. Between this and Stitch Fix, I’m finally, at 25, starting to look like a grown-up lady rather than a really tall toddler.


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