Love Will Keep Us Together

Chickadees, I won’t lie – there are some days when it is truly, spectacularly difficult for me to be patriotic. To love my country. To be a proud resident of America.

When I watch my fellow women struggle to be treated as beings intelligent enough and capable enough to rule our own bodies, I cringe.

When I see a young man with so much hatred in his heart for an entire race of people that he feels the need to end their lives, I cry.

When I hear politicians defending the actions of those who violate children because Jesus makes it all better? I shudder.

And I’m certainly not alone. And I certainly haven’t detailed all the wrongs, all the evils that other Americans, other people all over the world face on a daily basis. I’m fully aware that I am a privileged young white woman who can’t even fathom the injustice many people face on a daily basis purely because of their skin color, their sexual orientation, their economic situation.

But today?

Today, it’s a little bit easier to be an American. And a proud one at that.

Equality for all.



Buzzfeed, I Luff You

Well, I luff/hate you, because you’re a massive time-suck and you listed Buffy Summers as number four on a list of the most badass gals of the 90s (which is so bad and wrong I can’t even begin to explain); however, you’ve redeemed yourself in my eyes. Well played, Buzzfeed.

(Also, gals? Not to belabor the point, but you should be proud to be a woman every day. Same goes for being a man, men. Just be proud to be yourselves, people. Because your self? Is much better than anyone else you might try to be. And with that, I’ve just saved you $25,000 and eight years’ worth of therapy. You’re welcome!)

Image below courtesy of Buzzfeed; click on through to read the list!